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Pat Smith

Crafting a speech that connects with your audience and reaches your strategic goal is my goal.

Building trust, strengthening relationships, laying out a compelling narrative, signalling change, sharing your vision and your values...

No matter the goals for your next speech, I can help you reach them.

I’ve written influential keynotes for senior executives on issues in the news, remarks delivered in significant forums before today’s opinion leaders and decision makers.

And I’ve written speeches for announcements, annual conferences, award presentations, events, formal meetings, launches, news conferences and openings.

Speakers rely on me for elegant and substantive remarks that audiences respond to favourably.


Audience insights underlie your remarks, ensuring relevance


A strong storyline drives your remarks, ensuring engagement


A coherent structure shapes your remarks, ensuring momentum


Every word is measured and meaningful, ensuring impact


I focus on three main elements when researching and planning a speech:
your audience, your topic, and you.

I look for the relationships among these elements, especially your audience’s knowledge of and interests in the subject of your speech.

This naturally leads to a focus or theme a coherent structure can be built on. Crafting a speech on this framework then begins.


I work very hard to deliver a strong first draft that says what you want to say the way you want to say it.

And I continue to polish successive drafts throughout the approvals process.

I draw in insights from reviewers while ensuring your speech retains its thematic integrity, structure and style.


These comments on my recent speechwriting work came to me from reviewers and approvers.

"Very impressed. Beautiful tone. You put a lot of effort and thought into this and it really shows."

"You are a wonderful writer."

"Thank you for the great job on the speech. The remarks were very well received."


"Pat, this is excellent work."

"Terrific... exactly what he was looking for."



Please contact me if I can assist you with an upcoming speaking engagement.

I am located in Toronto, Ontario.

I will treat your contact information and any other information you provide to me as confidential, and I will not send you uninvited email.


Toronto, Canada